10 Sensational Breathtaking Views Of Azad Kashmir


Take a step back in time, to a place of beauty and tranquility. Where the simplicity of life and beauty of nature is all that matter. Where the stresses of today’s life just disappear and seem to matter no longer.

The timeless beauty that resides in the valleys of Azad Kashmir is stunning. No matter how long or how many times you visit or view this wondrous place it will never be enough.

One will be drawn to it over and over again. Your heart will long for the clear waters and the greenery – the desire to walk among the trees that are hundreds of years old will be too great, and soon or later you will find you will return. For those that have never been, the thought of just visiting such as place is enough to pull there.

Here’s a look at the dazzling beauty of Azad Kashmir:

1. The quiet, serene life along the banks of the river, in the lush green beauty of the Neelam Valley

Neelum valley

2. Gurase Valley – picturesque traditional homes sitting on the side of a mountain on different plateaus – a storybook setting if there was any in this world

gurase valley

3. Valley with flowing crystal clear waters between banks of greenery that mesmerize the eyes

tao butt
Tour De Neelum

4. Live among the clouds in the solace of centuries-old trees that touch the sky

touch the sky in azad kashmir

5. Valley’s with waterfalls of immense beauty, with icy cold glacier water feeding the land below

Kashmir Travel Guide

6. The artistic beauty of the fields – stunning array of different shades of yellows and orange surrounded by dark and light green of the land and the trees

yellows and orange

7. Vibrant colors – pinks, purple, and yellows dapple the valley of Arang Kel among the snow-capped peaks of the mountains in the heart of Azad Kashmir

vibrant colors
Top Whats up

8. Hundred-year-old forests with unique fauna and flora – taking a walk through such sensual beauty is mind blowing

flora and fauna
Pakistan Tourn Travel

9. Where the stallions still roam among the valley of exquisite bloom

roaming the valley

10. Nestled among the peaceful valleys is the thriving city of Muzaffarabad

Unique Pakistan

The boundless beauty of Azad Kashmir is utterly breathtaking; you can never get enough.

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