Baba Ice cream In Multan

If you visit Multan don’t missed to try Baba Ice cream .Its very tasty and Delicious and available in variant flavor like ,Pista ,Badam ,Kaju ,Akhrot,Khoya,Mango,and many more flavors .Last time when i was in Multan Every Evening i went there to eat Baba Ice cream


They have 2 branches in Multan ,1 is in Sader-bazar and 2nd is in Gulgasht Colony ,I went to Sader-Bazar branch because its near to my home.Every time there is too much rush of the peoples.If you ride on a Car then you stay there waiter will come to you and takes your order.After short time he will brings your order to you and collect his money according to order .there is 3 size of cups available ,Small,Medium,Large


Multan is very famous about Multani Sohan halwa and the 2nd item is Baba Ice cream



Different Flavors of ice cream


Menu of Ice Creams flavors


Sader-Bazar Branch

The resident of Multan peoples they like it very much and visitors which came from other cities also like very much .

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