22 Images That Capture The Beauty Of Balochistan

Balochistan is thought of to be dry and barren with only sand and rocks to adorn it. How wrong you are!!! Balochistan is abundant in beauty; from breathtaking waterfalls to deep valleys and fruit trees. It is a land that has beauty oozing out of every corner. Even the rocks and sand are unmatchable in their beauty.

Here’s a taste of the hidden beauty of Balochistan.

1. Weaving along the breathtaking Makran coastal highway

Makran Coastal Highway

2. Lighting up the night sky – Quetta at night


3. Ormara under the clouds


4. Hammerhead of Ormara at sunset

Hammerhead of Ormara at night
Savair a City

5. Where the sea is kissing the desert

Where the sea kisses the desert

6. Night lights of Gwadar city

Gwadar City pic 6


7. Beauty of Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park

8. Picturesque Bolan pass

Bolan pass
Native Pakistan

9. Hindu’s sacred river – Hingol

Hingol river

10. Hanna Lake, the best place for a picnic

Hanna Lake
Trek Earth

11. Sleeping beauty of Quetta

Sleeping beauty of Quetta
Trip Advisor

12. Ziarat in the winter

Ziarat in the winter
Times of Pakistan

13. The sublime Charoo Falls

charoo falls

14. Rugged beauty of Zhob Valley

Zhob Valley
Pakistan 360degrees

15. Breathtaking Buzy Pass

Buzy Pass pic 15
Sky Scraper City

16. Stunning Phir Ghaib Falls

phir ghalib falls pic 16

17. The glorious Astola Beach

Astola Beach

18. Colorful mountains of Balochistan

Colorful mountains of Balochistan

19. Mesmerizing beauty of the desert

beauty of sand

20. Stunning Nok Kundi

Nok Khundi

21. Hidden paradise Chotok Khuzdar

Chotok Khuzdar

22. The Marvelous Quetta Highway

Quetta Highway

This is only a small taste of the beauty of Balochistan, don’t you think it’s about time you find out what else Balochistan has hidden?

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