10 things that are proving to be most harmful in modern life

With modern technology ruling our daily lives there are some things that we have incorporated into our lives thinking that they are the healthier choice.

While some might be beneficial for you there some of the activities we do and the things we eat or take each day can actually be bad for us.

Taking Antibiotics

There is no doubt that antibiotics are great at treating relevant illnesses and making you better. The problem has come with the widespread use of antibiotics for illnesses where they are not needed, such as colds. This is creating bacteria that are resistant to them which is a problem when they cause serious health issues that we then have no way of treating.

 Using Liquid Handwash

Also known as hand sanitizer, this is on the face of it quite handy as it helps to keep your hands clean. The problem with it though is the chemicals that may contain which traditional bars of soap do not.

Taking Prescription Painkillers

One of the biggest industries in the medical world is the pharmaceutical one. This generates billions a year for the drugs companies and also gives doctors financial rewards for prescribing them. In many cases though, patients would be much better off with a long-term alternative therapy that is not addictive and does not cause any harmful side-effects to their bodies. Many prescription painkillers can affect your brain with long-term use and even bring on dementia.

Drinking Bottled Water

Even if you ignore the health effects of drinking bottled water, it simply makes no sense! Most of us pay for the water that comes to the taps in our home anyway, so why not drink this? Bottled water is also bad for your health, not least for the plastic bottles it comes in. Who knows what chemicals from the plastic bottle are leeching into the water inside which you then drink

 Carrying On Working When ill

In times gone by, people understood that the best cure for being ill was rest. They would take as long as they needed off work and only return when fully better. Sadly, this has changed in recent times! Workers now are under pressure to take painkillers and carry on which is crazy. This not only makes it impossible to shake off the cold but also passes the germs around the office for everyone else to catch.

Taking Anti-Allergy Tablets

Research in recent years has found that one leading brand could make dementia in old-age more likely with long-term use. This is obviously very worrying for a lot of people who take these tablets to combat pet allergies or hay fever. The best bet here really is to only take when you absolutely need them, and you will be fine.

 Eating Lots Of Fish

One current piece of advice is to eat lots of fish to get the vitamins and minerals contained in them. But eating too much of certain fish like Tuna can actually be bad for you. The reasons are that certain fish contain levels of poisonous mercury which can be harmful to humans in large quantities. Although eating some fish is fine, just be careful of having too much of the ones that have mercury in.

Eating Processed Gluten-Free Food

Another recent health-food craze is gluten-free food. Many people who are not gluten intolerant choose to buy specially processed food that is marked as gluten-free, believing it to be healthier. Unfortunately, this is not always true! After all, a cookie is still full of sugar even if the gluten has been taken out! In addition, you do not know what has been artificially added to this factory produced gluten-free products in place of the gluten.


Margarine contains harmful trans fats which are bad for the human body. Butter, on the other hand, does not. While excess butter is naturally bad for you, having a little of this is much better than switching to margarine.

Swimming In A Pool

Swimming is the best exercise you can do. While it is true that swimming is great for an all over workout, you do not want to be doing a lot of heavy exercise in a pool. The problem is that your body temperature is not maintained at a constant level in a pool while too much swimming can strain your heart. While some swimming is ok, don’t go overboard!

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mehboob alam

I was born in Pakistan (Punjab) .My childhood i lived with my grandmother,initial study i take from my village school .after matriculation i join Technology college in Sahiwal and i complete D.A.E (Mechanical).After completion the college 2 years i worked in Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan then i got a chance to come in Kuwait on working visa in 2006.i get more difficulties in Kuwait to find a job .After 1 year struggling i find a job in Kuwait University and "Alhumdo-lel-allah" Now i am well settled and happy with my family.

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